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Patients are experiencing Life Changing results at
Jacobs Chiropractic Office!

Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs

West Los Angeles Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs

An important aspect of my practice involves offering my patients educational information about what chiropractic is and what it is not. Jacobs Chiropractic Office uses the Gonstead adjusting system and it was developed as an effective, specific method of analysis and correction of spinal misalignments. I value each patient as a unique individual and understand that each person’s experience with chiropractic will be specific to their health goals.

Is Gonstead Chiropractic good for you?

Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs encourages patients to take responsibility for improving their health. Some of the types of patients that seem to benefit greatly from my type of chiropractic treatment include new mothers, highly stressed professional women who sit at a computer all day and men who work at hard physical labor.

Many of my current West Los Angeles patients are successful in referring people to this office who are especially anxious or skeptical about chiropractic. Dr. Jacobs loves the challenge! He has had patients tell him that chiropractic has changed their lives because of no longer having “monster” headaches that were ailing them for years or constant pain that shortens each day. Recently, he adjusted two musicians who were relieved of numbness in their hands and can now continue to make music. Life Changing!

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