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Introducing West Los Angeles Chiropractor,
Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs

I grew up with a doctor in the house…it was a first-hand look at what it meant to help people with their health issues…

West Los Angeles chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs

Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs

Yes, I grew up with a doctor in the house. My father was a medical doctor in the small mining town where I was born and he did it all – from broken bones and delivering babies to performing surgery. He often allowed me to go to the hospital with him as well as making house calls at the end of his day. It was a first hand look at what it meant to help people with their health issues and this experience had a positive impact on my choice to become a chiropractor.
>Years later, however, my wife and I bumped up against the limitations of traditional medical treatment. She had developed migraine headaches that were increasing in intensity, length of duration and frequency. The treatment received from the “family doctor” was not working and the side effects were interfering with her daily life. My wife’s brother was a new and enthusiastic chiropractor and convinced us to give chiropractic a try. The results were not immediate but over a period of a few months, the headaches became a thing of the past. Our chiropractor was also able to help me with the low back pain that I had been told to accept as something I would have to live with. These amazing results convinced me that chiropractic was something to look into.

I attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California because it was not far from our home and family in Arizona. One of the things I learned in school that stuck with me was that chiropractic is not only a science and a philosophy but an art which I would get to develop. One of the classes I enjoyed the most was dissection because it changed the way my mind saw the human body. It allowed me to see a three dimensional, integrated system and this experience was helpful to me later in learning the system of adjusting that I chose to use. One of my favorite instructors taught the Chiropractic Philosophy course even though she was 75 years old and semi-retired. Her continued passion and belief in chiropractic after so many years of being involved in the profession was inspiring to me as a new student.

What I am attempting to achieve through my practice is to provide my patients with Chiropractic treatment that results in a more functional spine and nervous system.

What about me?

Dr. Jeffrey with his wife, Vicenta, and his children

Dr. Jeffrey with his wife, Vicenta, and his children

Well, I met my wife in a high school physics class and we were married five years later during our last year in college. She was kind enough to support me while I attended Cleveland Chiropractic College.

In 1979 we had our first son, Daniel, followed by our daughter, Deborah in 1982 and we completed our family in 1984 with another son, Phillip. Daniel was born with musical talents and still enjoys playing in a band and working in a post production company, digitizing movies and music. Deborah lives in Abilene, Texas where she works as the office manager of the Foreign Language Department of a local university. Phillip recently graduated with a degree in Physics and is applying to the Los Angeles County Fire Department academy. If I had not become a chiropractor, I would have worked in the construction business. I enjoy doing electrical work, carpentry and mechanical work on cars.

There are several Gonstead chiropractors around Santa Monica and I make an effort to get adjusted once a week. I began doing Pilates with a private instructor two years ago and find that it is very helpful in both stabilizing and strengthening my spine. None of our three children were born in hospitals. Daniel was born in a birthing center and our two other children were born at home. My wife was able to accomplish this with the help of competent, experienced midwives and support from me. We did not choose to immunize our children but did everything we knew to build up their own natural immunity. We always tried chiropractic treatment as our first option for any sickness or injury and they grew up requiring very little medical assistance.

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our office a call and let’s arrange a time to explore your options. I hope I have the opportunity to help you with any of your health issues.

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